Barkan, Ady – Eyes to the Wind

Catapano, Peter – About Us

Clavin, Matthew – The Battle of Negro Fort

Gaul, Gilbert – The Geography of Risk

Hui, Ann – Chop Suey Nation

Michaels, Melissa – But Where Do I Put the Couch?

Porowski, Antoni – Antoni in the Kitchen

Scholssberg, Tatiana – Inconspicuous

Schmidt, Michael – Gilgamesh

Sutton, Matthew – Double Crossed

Westhoff, Ben – Fentanyl, Inc.

Wynne, Clive – Dog is Love

Zaloom, Caitlin – Indebted


Bailey, Catherine – A Castle in Wartime

Brum, Eileen – The Collector of Leftover Souls

Dunlop, Fushia – The Food of Sichuan

Erickson, Meredith – Alpine Cooking

Garrett, Natalie – Eat Joy

George-Warren, Holly – Janis

Holt, Nathalia – The Queens of Animation

Lee, Mandy – The Art of Escapism

Mann, William – The Contender

Schiller, David – Guitar

Stein, Joel – In Defense of Elitism

Wiegand, Alyssa – Hack Your Cupboard


Jean-Pierre, Karine – Moving Forward



Barr, John – Start by Believing

Kristof, Nicholas – Tightrope

Krugman, Paul – Arguing with Zombies

Levitin, Daniel – Successful Aging

Marx, Patricia – You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a Time

Newkirk, Ingrid – Animalkind

Orenstein, Peggy – Boys & Sex

Ravich, Diane – Slaying Goliath