Ahearn, AnneMarie – Modern Country Cooking

Albright, Madeleine – Hell and Other Destinations

Bishop, Jeanne – Grace from the Rubble

Buck, Kirsten – Buck Naked Kitchen

Gibran, Kahlil – And the Prophet Said

Jones, Ashley – Modern Cast Iron

Mickle, Shelley – Borrowing Life

Safina, Carl – Becoming Wild

Stout, Martha – Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door

Tran, Phuc – Sigh, Gone

Watkins, Julia – Simply Living Well

Whipple, Chris – The Spymasters

Zach, Ian – Odetta


Beranbaum, Rose – Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss

Burns, Cortney – Nourish Me Home

Clemmons, Francois – Officer Clemmons

Gaff, Alan – Lou Gehrig

Livio, Mario – Galileo

Williams, Wendy – The Language of Butterflies