Upcoming Titles


Exodus, revisited : my unorthodox journey to Berlin by Feldman, Deborah
Three girls from Bronzeville : a uniquely American memoir of race, fate, and sisterhood by Turner, Dawn
Beautiful country : a memoir by Wang, Qian Julie
Dopamine nation : finding balance in the age of indulgence by Lembke, Anna
Fans :  how watching sports makes us happier, healthier, and more understanding by Olmsted, Larry
Brothers on three : a true story of family, resistance, and hope on a reservation in Montana by Streep, Abe.
Baby, unplugged : one mother's search for balance, reason, and sanity in the digital age by Brickman, Sophie
On freedom : four songs of care and constraint by Nelson, Maggie
Alien : the official cookbook by Oseland, Chris-Rachael
Bare minimum dinners : recipes and strategies for doing less in the kitchen by Helwig, Jenna
Portuguese home cooking by Ortins, Ana Patuleia
Life is what you bake it : recipes, stories, and inspiration to bake your way to the top by Lomas, Vallery
Black designers in American fashion by
Giannis : the improbable rise of an NBA MVP by Fader, Mirin
People love dead Jews : reports from a haunted present by Horn, Dara
Savannah : with Hilton Head and the Lowcountry. by
The sisters of Auschwitz : the true story of two Jewish sisters' resistance in the heart of Nazi territory by Iperen, Roxane van
Countdown bin Laden : the untold story of the 247-day hunt to bring the mastermind of 9/11 to justice by Wallace, Chris
Travels with George : in search of Washington and his legacy by Philbrick, Nathaniel
The agitators :  three friends who fought for abolition and women's rights by Wickenden, Dorothy


Helwig, Jenna – Bare Minimum Dinners

Hill Anita – Believing

Howard, Hannah – Plenty

McBroom, Courtney – Divine Your Dinner

Nelson, Maggie – On Freedom

Porowski, Antoni – Antoni : Let’s Do Dinner

Powell, Richard – Black Art

Reséndez, Andrés – Conquering the Pacific

Roach, Mary – Fuzz

Streep, Abe – Brothers on Three

Tuerkheimer, Deborah – Credible

Turner, Dawn – Three Girls from Bronzeville

Wright, Jennifer – She Kills Me

Zak, Zusa – Amber & Rye


Anserson, Lars – A Season in the Sun

Berens, Abra – Grist

De La Garza, Velda – Healthy Easy Mexican

Greenspan, Dorie – Baking with Dorie

Guida-Richards, Melissa – What White Parents Should Know About Transracial Adoption

Hertzberg, Jeff – The Best of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

Howard, Ron – The Boys

Kinder, Colleen, Letter to a Stranger

Maisel, Ivan – I Keep Trying to Catch His Eye

Moorer, Allison – I Dream He Talks to Me

O’Meara, Mallory – Girly Drinks

Pham, Cuong – The Red Boat Fish Sauces Cookbook

Sanneh, Kelefa – Major Labels

Sheehy, Sandy – Imperiled Reef

Stockman, Farah – American Made

Terry, Bryant – Black Food

Tuttle, Susan – Green Witch Magick

Wolk, Douglas – All of the Marvels


Askew, Tanorria – Staples + 5

Cornog, Pheobe – Wonder Walls

Foster, Craig – Underwater Wild

Han, Meilan – Breathing Lessons

Marron, Catie – Becoming a Gardener

Sabatini Sloan, Aisha – Captioning the Archives