Upcoming Titles


Hola Papi! : how to come out in a Walmart parking lot and other life lessons by Brammer, John Paul.
The profession : a memoir of community, race, and the arc of policing in America by Bratton, William J.
Love is an ex-country :  a memoir by Jarrar, Randa
Breaking the news : exposing the establishment media's hidden deals and secret corruption by Marlow, Alex
The second : race and guns in a fatally unequal America by Anderson, Carol
Personal finance after 50 for dummies by Tyson, Eric
A letter to my white friends and colleagues : what you can do right now to help the Black community by Rogers, Steven
Victim F : from crime victims to suspects to survivors by Huskins, Denise.
Killing the mob : the fight against organized crime in America by O'Reilly, Bill
The plague year : America in the time of COVID by Wright, Lawrence
What fresh hell is this? : perimenopause, menopause, other indignities, and you by Corinna, Heather.
The Menopause Manifesto : Own Your Health With Facts and Feminism by Gunter, Jen
Crying in H Mart  : a memoir by Zauner, Michelle
The housewives : the real story behind the Real Housewives by Moylan, Brian
Cack-handed : a memoir by Yashere, Gina
After the fall : being American in the world we've made by Rhodes, Benjamin
Fodor's in focus Charleston : with Hilton Head & the lowcountry by Brownstein, Pamela
The confidence men : how two prisoners of war engineered the most remarkable escape in history by Fox, Margalit
The light of days : the untold story of women resistance fighters in Hitler's ghettos by Batalion, Judith
Shape : the hidden geometry of information, biology, strategy, democracy, and everything else by Ellenberg, Jordan


Baker, Andrew – To Poison a Nation

Brunson, Quinta – She Memes Well

Deisseroth, Karl – Projections : A Story of Human Emotions

Fleming, Brandon – Miseducated: A Memoir

Hernandez, Daisy – The Kissing Bug

Mizruchi, Susan – Henry James

Moore, Kate – The Women They Could Not Silence

Oluseyi, Hakeem – A Quantum Life

Rodenberg, Shawna – Kin : A Memoir

Ross, Dax-Devlon – Letters to My White Male Friends

Shuster, Stef – Trans Medicine

Sullivan, Matt – Can’t Knock the Hustle

Walcott, Rinaldo – On Property

Whyte, Kenneth – The Sack of Detroit