Bortolin, Matthew – The Zen of R2-D2

Bounous, Ayja – Shaped by Snow

Brokaw, Tom – The Fall of Richard Nixon

Dyson, Michael – Jay-Z

Fingeroth, Danny – A Marvelous Life

Ford, Eleanor – Fire Island

Greenberg, Andy – Sandworm

Greenidge, Kerri – Black Radical

Jarchow, Deborah – The Weaving Expolorer

Jean-Pierre, Karine – Moving Forward

Lee, Chung Min – The Hermit King

Nama, Adilifu – I Wonder U

O’Connell, John – Bowie’s Bookshelf

Odenwald, Sten – Space Exploration

Seal, Rebecca – Leon Happy Curries

Silverman, Daniel – This Land Is Their Land

St. Nicholas, Randee – My Name is Prince

Wagner, Lorenz – The Boy Who Felt Too Much


Friedman, Rachel – And Then We Grew Up

Goldsmith, Becky – The Ultimate Thread Guide

Olsen, Gregg – If You Tell

Snodgrass, Alex – The Defined Dish


Barr, John – Start by Believing

Hirsch, Jennifer – Sexual Citizens

Horobin, Simon – Bagels, Bumf, and Buses

Kristof, Nicholas – Tightrope

Krugman, Paul – Arguing with Zombies

Levitin, Daniel – Successful Aging

Marx, Patricia – You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a Time

Maum, Courtney – Before and After the Book Deal

Newkirk, Ingrid – Animalkind

Orenstein, Peggy – Boys & Sex

Ravich, Diane – Slaying Goliath

Stoddard, Jill – Be Mighty

Turk, Victoria – Kill Reply All


Barnes, Julian – The Man in the Red Coat

DuBois, Ellen – Suffrage

Fowler, Susan – Whistleblower

Gaffney, Ginger – Half Broke

Hammer, Joshua – The Falcon Thief

Hvistendahl, Mara – The Scientist and the Spy

Larson, Erik – The Splendid and the Vile

Mitchell, Jerry – Race Against Time

O’Brady, Colin – The Impossible First


Bittman, Mark – How to Eat

Foer, Esther Sarfran – I Want You to Know We’re Still Here

Smyth, Frank – The NRA

Vookles, Laura – The Color of the Moon