Barr, John – Start by Believing

Garfield, Bob – American Manifesto

Hirsch, Jennifer – Sexual Citizens

Horobin, Simon – Bagels, Bumf, and Buses

Kristof, Nicholas – Tightrope

Krugman, Paul – Arguing with Zombies

Levitin, Daniel – Successful Aging

Marx, Patricia – You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a Time

Maum, Courtney – Before and After the Book Deal

McAlevey, Jane – A Collective Bargain

Newkirk, Ingrid – Animalkind

Orenstein, Peggy – Boys & Sex

Ravich, Diane – Slaying Goliath

Stoddard, Jill – Be Mighty

Turk, Victoria – Kill Reply All


Barnes, Julian – The Man in the Red Coat

Dawson, Kate – American Sherlock

Dougherty, Conor – Golden Gates

DuBois, Ellen – Suffrage

DuQuette, Lon Milo – Allow Me to Introduce

Fowler, Susan – Whistleblower

Gaffney, Ginger – Half Broke

Hammer, Joshua – The Falcon Thief

Hvistendahl, Mara – The Scientist and the Spy

Jones, Garett – 10% Less Democracy

Kerr, Christopher – Death is But a Dream

Larson, Erik – The Splendid and the Vile

Mitchell, Jerry – Race Against Time

Natterson, Cara – Decoding Boys

Norton, Mary Beth – 1774

O’Brady, Colin – The Impossible First

Perry, Phillipa – The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read

Preston, Diana – Eight Days at Yalta

Thomas, R. Eric – Here for It

Walder, Tracy – The Unexpected Spy


Bittman, Mark – How to Eat

Foer, Esther Sarfran – I Want You to Know We’re Still Here

Lianke, Yan – Three Brothers

Mehler Paperny, Anna – Hello I Want to Die, Please Fix Me

Palmisano, Joanne – Rock Your Rental

Porter, Eduardo – American Poison

Raphel, Adrienne – Thinking Inside the Box

Scoles, Sarah – They Are Already Here

Smyth, Frank – The NRA

Streeter, Leslie – Black Widow

Vookles, Laura – The Color of the Moon

Wegman, Jesse – Let the People Pick the President


Ahearn, AnneMarie – Modern Country Cooking

Albright, Madeleine – Hell and Other Destinations

Bishop, Jeanne – Grace from the Rubble

Buck, Kirsten – Buck Naked Kitchen

Gibran, Kahlil – And the Prophet Said

Jones, Ashley – Modern Cast Iron

Mickle, Shelley – Borrowing Life

Safina, Carl – Becoming Wild

Stout, Martha – Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door

Tran, Phuc – Sigh, Gone

Watkins, Julia – Simply Living Well

Whipple, Chris – The Spymasters

Zach, Ian – Odetta


Beranbaum, Rose – Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss

Burns, Cortney – Nourish Me Home

Clemmons, Francois – Officer Clemmons

Gaff, Alan – Lou Gehrig

Livio, Mario – Galileo

Williams, Wendy – The Language of Butterflies