Cailan, Alvin – Amboy

Calderon, Ilia – My Time to Speak

Gomez, Laura – Inventing Latinos

Harjo, Joy – When the Light of the World Was Subdued

Klinger, Leslie – Weird Women

Mitchell, Koritha – From Slave Cabins to the White House

Perlstein, Rick – Reaganland

Scobie, Omid – Finding Freedom

Taussig, Rebekah – Sitting Pretty


Berman, Jonathan – Anti-Vaxxers

Black, Derek – Schoolhouse Burning

Braun, Michelle – High-Octane Brain

Fonda, Jane – What Can I Do?

Furda, Eric – The College Conversation

Harvey, Yona – You Don’t Have to Go to Mars for Love

Laurence, King – How to Grow Your Dinner

Laycock, Joseph – The Penguin Book of Exorcisms

Nasaw, David – The Last Million

Payne, Les – The Dead Are Arising

Ramsay, Gordon – Quick and Delicious

Thompson, Jamie – Standoff

Winston Wolkoff, Stephanie – Melania and Me


Cristofano, Jana – Eat Well

Garten, Ina – Modern Comfort Food

Hamad, Ruby – White Tears/Brown Scars

Kirby, Bruce – Blue Sky Kingdom

Michaelis, David – Eleanor

Pepin, Jacques – Quick & Simple

Sodha, Meera – East


Minoui, Delphine – The Book Collectors

Robinson, Lisa – Nobody Ever Asked Me

Tasty – Tasty Adulting

Weller, Melissa – A Good Bake