Upcoming Titles


Pets : cat-mania by Artist Not Provided
The Casagrandes : the complete first season [2-disc set] by
The lion king by
Captain Underpants : the first epic movie by
The serpent's fury  by Armstrong, Kelley
What comes next by Buyea, Rob
Much ado about baseball by Larocca, Rajani
Let's go! by
Songs across the pond by Gibb, David  (Musician)
All time greatest hits by
Backyard bop by Red Yarn
Dinosaurs and metaphors by Weinkauf, Danny
We're all fruit salad! : The Wiggles' greatest hits by Wiggles
Super scary stories by Peterson, Megan Cooley
Cyberspies : inside the world of hacking, online privacy, and cyberterrorism by Miller, Michael
National Geographic Kids : almanac 2022. by
Renewable energy vs. nonrenewable energy by Zalewski, Aubrey
Ocean soup : a recipe for you, me, and a cleaner sea by Pincus, Meeg
All about minerals : discovering the building blocks of Earth by Crane, Cody
All about rocks : discovering the world beneath your feet by Potenza, Alessandra
All about crystals and gems : discovering treasures of the natural world by Romero, Libby
All about fossils : discovering dinosaurs and other clues to the past by Crane, Cody
The Dinosaur Awards by Taylor, Barbara
Look what I found in the woods by Butterfield, Moira
The good germ hotel : meet your body's marvelous microbes by Kim, Sŏng-hwa  (Children's science book writer)
Snooze-o-rama : the strange ways that animals sleep by Birmingham, Maria
Bird show by Stockdale, Susan.
The truth about parrots by Eaton, Maxwell, III
Kakapos by Markovics, Joyce L.
Giant armadillos by Markovics, Joyce L.
Pygmy hippos by Markovics, Joyce L.
Okapis by Markovics, Joyce L.
Fosas by Markovics, Joyce L.
Snow leopards by Markovics, Joyce L.
The how and wow of the human body : from your tongue to your toes and all the guts in between by Thomas, Mindy
Tractors by Holmes, Kirsty
Combines by Holmes, Kirsty
Star Wars galactic baking : the official cookbook of sweet and savory treats from Tatooine, Hoth, and beyond. by
Sakamoto's swim club : how a teacher led an unlikely team to victory by Abery, Julie.
Niños : poems for the lost children of Chile by Ferrada, María José
Blood and germs : the Civil War battle against wounds and disease by Jarrow, Gail
Faraway things by Eggers, Dave
Lucas at the Paralympics by Plohl, Igor
Halloween by Dittmer, Lori