Upcoming Titles


Hans Christian Andersen : the journey of his life by Janisch, Heinz
Dinosaur lady : the daring discoveries of Mary Anning, the first paleontologist by Skeers, Linda
A thousand glass flowers : Marietta Barovier and the invention of the rosetta bead by Turk, Evan
A super sticky mistake by Donald, Alison
Out of hiding : a Holocaust survivor
Stay curious! : a brief history of Stephen Hawking by Krull, Kathleen
Cubs in the tub : the true story of the Bronx Zoo
The story of Barack Obama : a biography book for new readers by Leslie, Tonya, PhD
Trailblazer : Lily Parr, the unstoppable star of women
William Still and his freedom stories : the father of the underground railroad by Tate, Don.
Bee fearless : dream like a kid by Ulmer, Mikaila
Fly, girl, fly! : Shaesta Waiz soars around the world by Pimm, Nancy Roe
Head, shoulders, knees and toes by Silver, Skye
Nick and Nack put on a puppet show by Budzi, Brandon.
Nick and Nack see the stars by Budzi, Brandon.
King & Kayla and the case of the unhappy neighbor by Butler, Dori Hillestad
First little readers. 16 irresistible books that are just the right level for growing readers  Guided reading levels E & F : by Charlesworth, Liza
First little readers. 16 irresistible books that are just the right level for growing readers  Guided reading levels G & H : by Charlesworth, Liza
First little readers. 25 irresistible books that are just the right level for beginning readers   Guided reading level B : by Charlesworth, Liza
Rocket loves hide-and-seek! by Stephens, Elle
The new baby by Platt, Christine A.
Kit and Kaboodle Blast Off to Space by Portice, Michelle
Kit and Kaboodle Explore the City by Portice, Michelle
First little readers. 25 irresistible books that are just the right level for beginning readers  Guided reading level A : by Schecter, Deborah
I Can Make This Promise by Day, Christine
The serpent
Pay attention, Carter Jones by Schmidt, Gary D.
Fighting words by Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker
Never and forever by Cowell, Cressida
The chaos curse by DasGupta, Sayantani
The mouse watch by Gilbert, J. J.  (Animator)
A pinch of magic by Harrison, Michelle
The magic in changing your stars by Henderson, Leah
Diary of a wimpy kid :  the deep end by Kinney, Jeff
Dragon slayers by McMann, Lisa
All the dear little animals by Nilsson, Ulf
The Ickabog by Rowling, J. K.
Welcome to Smellville by Stine, R. L.
A wolf for a spell by Sutton, Karah
The prettiest by Young, Brigit
The bad guys in The one?! by Blabey, Aaron.
Cat kid comic club by Pilkey, Dav
Fantastic tales of nothing by Rodriguez, Fanny  (Illustrator)
Goosebumps: Creepy Crawly Comics by Vaughn, Jen
The Challenger disaster : tragedy in the skies by Naujokaitis, Pranas T.
Happy narwhalidays by Clanton, Ben
Blades of freedom : a tale of Haiti, Napoleon, and the Louisiana Purchase by Hale, Nathan
Pea, Bee & Jay.  Stuck together  Volume 1, by Smith, Brian  (Comic book writer)
The rise of the halfling king by Bowles, David.
Consent : deal with it before boundaries get crossed by Evans, Keisha
A world together by Manzano, Sonia
Cities then & now by Fullman, Joe
Presidential elections by
Finish the fight! : the brave and revolutionary women who fought for the right to vote by Chambers, Veronica
If a tree falls : the global impact of deforestation by Tate, Nikki
Crossings : extraordinary structures for extraordinary animals by Duffield, Katy
Our subway baby by Mercurio, Peter
A natural history of fairies : from the notebook of Professor Elsie Arbour by Hawkins, Emily.
The book of mythical beasts & magical creatures by Krensky, Stephen
Reynard the Fox : tales from the life of Reynard the Fox by Raecke, Renate
The kid
Becoming a good creature by Montgomery, Sy
Life in a frozen world : wildlife of Antarctica by Batten, Mary
Spiders by Gibbons, Gail
Return from extinction : the triumph of the elephant seal by Richards, Linda L.
Flight : riveting reads for curious kids by Grant, Reg
Why do cats meow? : curious questions about your favorite pet by Crumpton, Nick
Teatime around the world by Waissbluth, Denyse
Kid in the kitchen : 100 recipes and tips for young home cooks by Clark, Melissa
LEGO Star Wars : character encyclopedia by Dowsett, Elizabeth
LEGO super heroes : Batman visual dictionary by Lipkowitz, Daniel.
¡Todos al rodeo! : a vaquero alphabet book by González Pérez, Ma. Alma
All thirteen : the incredible cave resuce of the Thai boys
The thrifty guide to medieval times : a handbook for time travelers by Stokes, Jonathan W.
Gladiators : riveting reads for curious kids by Malam, John
Behind the bookcase : Miep Gies, Anne Frank, and the hiding place by Lowell, Barbara
George Washington
After the Civil War :  Reconstruction by
The goose
Bad kitty goes to the vet by Bruel, Nick
A journey to the New World : the diary of Remember Patience Whipple by Lasky, Kathryn.
My heart is on the ground : the diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux girl by Rinaldi, Ann.
Stella Endicott and the anything-is-possible poem by DiCamillo, Kate
Miki by Miles, Ellen
Gamer boy by Klein, Abby
Scholastic year in sports 2021 by Buckley, James,  Jr.
Allies & enemies by Vitale, Brooke
The story of Wolverine by Macri, Thomas
I am brown by Banker, Ashok
One girl by Beaty, Andrea
The Girl with the Cat by Brenna, Beverly
Slow Samson by Christou, Bethany.
Bunheads by Copeland, Misty
Every child a song by Davies, Nicola
Llama Llama loose tooth drama by Dewdney, Anna
The Smeds and the Smoos by Donaldson, Julia
Waiting together by Dufayet, Danielle
When You Breathe by Farid, Diana
Tomorrow I
A whale of a mistake by Hobai, Ioana
Nothing in common by Hoefler, Kate
Saving Eli
The couch potato by John, Jory
The paper boat by Lam, Thao
Grumpy monkey up all night by Lang, Suzanne
The big sibling getaway by Leer, Korrie
Speak up, Molly Lou Melon by Lovell, Patty
I am darn tough by Morelli, Licia
The little mermaid by Pinkney, Jerry
Talking is not my thing by Robbins, Rose
The chicken who couldn
Swift Fox all along by Thomas, Rebecca  (Poet)
Second Banana by Thornburgh, Blair
Feathered serpent and the five suns : a Mesoamerican creation myth by Tonatiuh, Duncan
The egg by Valério, Geraldo
Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo
The truth about dragons by Zollars, Jaime
Mama Feeds Me All the Colors: A Book of Breastfeeding by Duopress Labs
Montessori: Planet Work by George, Bobby
Merry Christmas, Rainbow Fish by Pfister, Marcus.
Disney Christmas storybook collection. by
Mistletoe : a Christmas story by Hills, Tad
The Hanukkah magic of Nate Gadol by Levine, Arthur A.
Little Santa by Maruyama, Yoko
The night before Christmas by Moore, Clement Clarke
A Charlie Brown Christmas by Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000
The most wonderful gift in the world by Sperring, Mark